Hi, Iā€™m Twann! šŸ‘‹

I’m a queer person who builds free and open source software as a hobby. My pronouns are they/them. Besides coding, I’m also passionate about biology and science. I’m a leftist, and I identify more specifically as an anarchist. Therefore, if you’re a fash, a cop, a cryptobro or a transphobe, do not interact with me.

I may not post regularly on this blog, because I’m not well organized and I don’t have a lot of free time to do it. If something I’ve written here or elsewhere bothers you, do not hesitate to contact me to let me know. I’m always open to critics and I probably still have some internalized oppressive behaviors that I’d be glad to deconstruct.

My profile picture was created with Cosmitasia’s Character Creator.

What I do āœØ

My current biggest project is TBlock, a systemwide ad blocker that is available both as a command-line utility and as a graphical application. It uses the hosts file to block unwanted servers and it is written in Python.

I usually code in Python, because I’m good at it, but I’m also comfortable with JavaScript, SQL and shell scripting. I’m currently learning PHP and Rust.

You can check out my other projects on my Codeberg profile.

What I use šŸ§

I’m using Artix Linux (with OpenRC as my init system) on my computer since about two years now. I use the XFCE desktop environment. Because some of the programs I use don’t have support for init systems other than systemd, I often have to write my own init scripts, which I sometimes publish on the AUR. On my phone, I use LineageOS for microG, but I’m thinking about switching to DivestOS in the future.

Support my work šŸ’œ

The best way to show me your support is to contact me and tell me that you like what I do. However, if you want to send money to help me paying for various things (such as domain names), you are welcome to use my Liberapay account or my Buy Me A Coffee page.